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Every person has potential.

Together, we discover where their potential lies.

Are your capabilities being utilized optimally?

Is the development of human resources a feature of your strategic goals?

Is leadership in your company a function or a behavior?

Who ensures that you will still be a successful player in the market 10 years from now?

One of the most important resources in your company is the potential of your managers and employees. Attracting the right people and systematically recognizing, developing and promoting the potential of managers and employees from within your own company, represents a crucial competitive advantage.

Using a holistic approach, we combine scientifically proven test methods with practical tools and exercises close to your business needs in order to give consideration to all the essential aspects of a person´s personality.

Our consultants possess in-depth experience in the conception and implementation of aptitude-diagnostic procedures and fulfill all economic-psychological quality criteria and standards for occupational aptitude assessment. They have all been certified in accordance with DIN 33430.


  • Management audits
  • Management appraisals
  • Leadership assessments
  • Determination of location and potential
  • Self / external image comparisons
  • Team development processes
  • Development of leadership models and competencies
  • 360° Feedback


  • Individual procedures or tailored to selected management teams
  • Integration certified test methods:
  • BIP
  • Hogan
  • Reiss Profiles
  • Luxx Profiles
  • MBTI
  • Standards in accordance with DIN 33430

Added value

  • Through our many years of experience: Diagnostic assessment is our core business, not just an add-on.
  • As a strategic resource: Leadership, skill development within the framework of your corporate situation and culture
  • Support with selection and staffing processes
  • Assistance with modern change processes
  • Competency in holistic processes: Conception, organisation, facilitation, training and evaluation in close internal coordination with the specialist departments.
  • Recognise and develop the potential of employees in order to boost the competitive edge of tomorrow!Andreas Kühner

    Isabella Schale SCS Personalberatung GmbH
  • When everyone knows where he stands and believes in development as a strategic resource, you reach your goals faster – both as an individual and as a company.Isabella Schale

    Ralf Kleine SCS Personalberatung GmbH